Transform classroom training into digital learning

MODULAGE PRO provides personalized support with your project to create, structure  and edit your training courses.

Mobile-learning, E-learning, MOOC, COOC, Blended-learning, serious-game etc.

Ignite enthusiasm for learning

MODULAGE STUDIO gives you access to a wide range  of creative and technical solutions and resources to boost your contents.

Boost your meetings and conferences


All MODULAGE resources to foster creativity and teamwork.

MODULAGE: noun, masc.

  1. The art of creating, building and developing learning modules (combinable learning units) to designtraining paths .
  2. By extension: implementation of all actions and resources (pedagogy, production, distribution) to edit a learning module.

Our team

A young company, over 25 years of expertise

Nous sommes une équipe de consultants,
coachs et formateurs professionnels.
Nous associons notre expertise en pédagogie digitale à celles
de coaching systémique et de coaching orienté solutions.

Nos compétences

  • La pédagogie de formation à distance et présentielle
  • La réflexion stratégique et la conduite du changement
  • La capacité à comprendre les enjeux opérationnels et humains

Notre boîte à outils

  • Approches liées aux neurosciences et à l’intelligence collective
  • Outils empruntés au design thinking et à la créativité
  • Outils méthodologiques développés par l’équipe MODULAGE.

Noémie Danan

Creative Resources

20 years of experience in the launching and management of companies. She has, among other activities, designed a LMS platform to manage training content and learners.

The Intuitive, driven by:

  • Remaining curious and keeping  on learning from all situations
  • Mobilizing energies to move forward  with projects
  • Motivating and boosting  teamwork
  • Creating from almost, nothing ... particularly with flowers!

Monique Mager

Learning engineering

25 years of international experience in HR Training and Development (ACCOR / Alstom). She has among other activities set up training organizations and developed teams of trainers.

The Methodical, driven by:

  • Infusing sense and meaning into actions.
  • Using visual thinking
  • Promoting solution focused coaching and facilitation
  • Always adding to her toolbox that already includes: Creativity and innovation, service thinking design, project management, emotional intelligence, intercultural communication, coaching, facilitation techniques….and more…

Modulage & Co