Storyboarding the training content


This document organizes the different elements – text, pictures, animations, interactions – for each of the grains or pedagogical element.

For each of the pedagogical grains, this extensive document sets up the different elements: text, graphic elements, animations, interactions.

It also serves as a collaboration  document between the learning team and the production team (illustrators, LMS integrators)

Price   : The pricing is  established as per size and volume of the training content (number of screens, duration) and as per selected means (E-learning, Video, interactive exercise).

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Determine the impact of a learning project


As a  fundamental stage during the creation of an E-learning content, this analysis uses  4 criteria - learning structure, learning flow, content, navigation – to explore the learning impact and conditions of success of the training to be developed.

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Create the learning experience


This collaborative work process focuses on creating an optimal learning structure and flow.

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Design the learning flow chart


This collaborative work process describes the architecture of the training module and defines the contents of  the learning grains.

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